The Donor Branch of FCLV

Egg Donation Makes Dreams Come True

Countless women and couples have been heartbroken to learn that they are unable to conceive a baby due to problems with their eggs. For millions of people struggling with infertility – as well as for gay men and couples – egg donation is the answer to their greatest hope: To have a child.

Since 1988, our Nevada fertility center has helped thousands of patients become parents with donated eggs. But we couldn’t do it without the selfless, caring women who offer these families the generous gift of family through egg donation.

When you choose to become an anonymous egg donor, you bring hope to someone who desperately wants to become a mom or dad. You can be the one who gives another family the future they have always dreamed of. Once you’ve been chosen to donate, the entire process takes just a few weeks, with compensation for your time and effort.

Egg donation criteria

Adhering to the strictest ethical and clinical guidelines, we welcome young, healthy egg donors of all ethnicities. To donate eggs through our Nevada fertility center, you must be:

  • Between the ages of 20 and 33
  • A non-smoker
  • Drug-free
  • In good health, with a healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • Free of chronic health or genetic problems
  • Reliable and responsible

Once you complete our online egg donation application, you will be invited to an initial screening appointment to verify your eligibility. At that visit, you’ll learn all about the step-by-step process of egg donation; have a brief physical exam, ultrasound; sign consent forms; and complete comprehensive testing, including medical, family and personal history.

Once you have been cleared to join our egg donation program, your profile will be added to our database of eligible egg donors for viewing by potential recipients. Egg donors can be known to the intended parents or anonymous. If you choose an anonymous donation, our Nevada fertility center follows strict procedures to maintain donor anonymity so you can rest assured that your privacy will be protected at every step.

Give the greatest gift

Choosing an egg donor is an emotional and difficult process for many of our patients. Once your profile has been selected and you agree to move forward, you must be 100% committed to completing the entire egg donation process.

You will be expected to be readily available and compliant with all medications, and to follow all instructions to help your recipients’ dreams of parenthood come true. While the commitment is great, so is the reward of knowing that you have helped to fulfill another person’s greatest wish.

To learn more about egg donation, compensation and becoming an egg donor, contact our Nevada egg donor agency.